Research in the Gulf region, has identified that the one thing women cannot live without is….. their mobile phone!

The trusted device of connectivity trumps the stereotypically female make up or fashion Items.

Women connect, share and shape in the virtual world. Their use of technology represents a micro-filter on their attitude to life. Why?

Women are connected

Women’s use of technology and digital machines combines entertainment, organisation and connectivity in the home and office. According to Nielsen Mobile, 13.5 million women have adopted the business-born Smartphone. (The number of users has doubled in the last two years).

Women have no off-switch

Women report using different devices (mobile phone, computer, TV, DVD etc) to perform multiple tasks and slot them into their activity list, irrespective of the time of day.
Women Share

Women are the best brand evangelists. Women have taken the ‘Blogosphere to the Stratosphere’: over 40 million women write blogs weekly and
50% of women believe that blogs are reliable sources for information

These blogs act as a platform for sharing the best and worst experiences, both in terms of personal, but also brand-related, experiences. Women’s innate programming for emotional connection with others guides them to harness the power of technology to bring their passions (and frustrations) to the rest of the world.

According to Nielsen Mobile, staying in contact with family and friends is the top reason women use social media (65% vs. 53% for men). More women also use social media than men as a creative outlet, particularly for blogging and uploading/sharing photos (28% women vs. 23% men) and for entertainment purposes (48% women vs. 45% men).

Women are not only more likely than men to ask for opinions from friends, family, colleagues and their circle of contacts, they are also more likely to volunteer accounts of both good and bad purchase experiences.

As the marketing guru Marti Barletta comments,

‘Because they’ve done more homework upfront, [women] feel more confident recommending their choices to friends and others. … When you convert a male prospect into a male customer, you get a new male customer. When you convert a female prospect, you get more: not only her own greater purchasing role but also a life-long string of referrals’

Women have no boundaries

The lines between work, family and ‘her’ time are blurred – she is accessible 24/7. This blurring is even more pronounced for women who are mothers. In the US, 84% of new mums research products online; this is more than the national average of 78%. 82% of new mums purchase products online.

Women are tasktacklers: they want tools to help them accomplish their tasks and enhance their ability to pursue interests. Women need products which offer solutions or stimulate aspirations to make their challenged lives easier. And the trusted mobile does this perfectly.